Mája Bendová-studentka

organizace dívčího pokoje

Za tuto zkušenost a návštěvu jsem velmi vdečná. Jitka a její tým mi krásně uklidili pokoj, ale co víc, dokonce mi pomohli zorganizovat a vyházet nepotřebné věci. Přiznám se, že k takhle rapidnímu vytřídění bych se nikdy neodvážila. Této pomoci si moc vážím a vřele doporučuji!

Joost Theunissen (general director), Auto QliniQ sro

Stěhování společnosti


Jitka Snajderova has indepently accomplished the whole organisation of moving our office.

Our small office with 8 working spaces needed suddenly to move as the landlord sold the office. All this happened at the moment we have been on the top of our most bussy time in the year. We had no one available in the office to care about the moving as all employees where already over worded with the work.

So we needed to trust someone else to organize packing, organzing and re-locate all the items in such a way that we could start working immediately after moving.

We where not able to stop the work during working hours.  So the task was complicated; no help from colleagues in the office, moving time starting Friday afternoon and Monday morning starting immediately everyone in the office without interruption without looking for items in the office.

Jitka has done extremely good job; we have been able to start working Monday morning and even better all office materials had been sorted out, has been correctly labelled so all people even better could find easily back all administration files, also the devision of office was done, all furniture installed, even plants had been organized. All marketing marketing materials and office materials where sorted out. Even without moving it would have been worth to hire Jitka to do this job. Even so it was not cheap I can recommend everyone to have a professional Jitka organizing your moving it safed us a lot of stress and we could continue working.